Make Your Office Space Feel More Festive

There are so many ways you can make the best serviced office Livingston has to offer, look festive.

Christmas Jumpers

Having a Christmas jumper day in the office is a great opportunity for everyone to have a bit of fun! In the best serviced office space Livingston has to offer, why not get creative with other colleagues. Have a competition, eat mince pies and have a Christmas party! For more wonderful winter tips check out our last post.


Around the office, add some decorations! Maybe a Christmas tree, tinsel, some fairy lights. Making your office space more festive will uplift the mood. Along with the Christmas music, the office environment will be a lovely place to come to over the festive period. Easy additions like these to your office change the environment you work in, in no time.

Serviced Office Livingston

We have plenty of festive cheer in our Serviced Office Livingston

Christmas Music

Within an office space, music or radio is something that can help with productivity. So, during the festive period, why not take the opportunity to put on Christmas music. Give everyone a chance to contribute music to the playlist, including everyone in the office. The atmosphere will change and it will soon feel like Christmas is on its way!

Christmas Wallpaper

With the number of computers within a serviced office in Livingston, put them to good use. Change the backgrounds to something festive! You will automatically be put in a better mood on those dark winter mornings.

Serviced Office Livingston

Changing to festive screensavers is an easy way to brighten up your office

 Secret Santa

In such an open space like the serviced office space in Livingston, there is a great opportunity for your colleagues and employees to bring Christmas cheer by exchanging gifts! Even if you do not know them well, this is a great way to bond with the people in the office.

Christmas Food

Why not take advantage of the kitchen facilities in the best serviced office Livingston has to offer and have Christmas food over the festive period? Bringing in different festive foods for the whole office, everyone will appreciate you!

Serviced Office Livingston

Festive treats always go down well in our serviced office Livingston

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