How To Find An Office You And Your Employees Will Love

The best serviced office Livingston has to offer has great facilities and in an ideal location for your employees to enjoy.


When relocating your office, it is important that the happiness of your employees is maintained. It is worthwhile to involve everyone in the decision. By giving your employees that chance to contribute, they feel more included and content. Use the move as a way of gauging what your employees like and need from a workspace.  A smaller company relies on successful relationships between colleagues to ensure progression. Check out our last post to find out more about co-working spaces.

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When it comes to location, accessibility etc. it is important for you to consider who works for you, where they live and how they travel to work. Disrupting someone’s daily routine may have negative consequences. So, choosing an office space that has good transport links, is not too far for people to travel and is in a nice area are main factors to consider. The best serviced office Livingston has to offer is located between Edinburgh and Glasgow. A great area and location which can be easily accessed by public transport.

Serviced Office Livingston

Business Image

When choosing a space, you need to remember that the office you decide upon will then reflect your business. It is important to choose a space that not only looks the part, but also has the facilities which will influence a potential client’s opinion of your brand image. The serviced office Livingston has many facilities that ensure that both employees and visitors are content. Having a receptionist in working hours makes your employees and clients feel welcome. As well as the bonus of having a professional telephone and answer system, which ensures reliability and professionalism at all times. The kitchen facilities and meeting/conferencing facilities can improve someone’s opinion of your office and ultimately your business.

Serviced Office Livingston

Local Area

Another thing to consider is the local area. Livingston is a great area, which many places to discover and enjoy. An array of restaurants for business meetings and a range of shops are available nearby. Also, there are many cafes for your employees and colleagues to explore at lunch times.

Serviced Office Livingston


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