How Much Office Space Do You Need?

Thinking of changing your office space? It is important to think of how much you really need. Depending on if you are a smaller of larger company, the best serviced office Livingston has to offer is an ideal size.

Type of Business

You might change your mind on the amount of office space you need depending on the type of company you are. Are you a new start up design business, with younger employees? The amount of space you have needs to compliment you as a business. In that situation you might then need an open plan space, with one large desk to suit a social, creative environment! In this case, more square footage would be a benefit.

With 35,000 square feet at Stadium House, the best serviced office Livingston has to offer would be perfect!

serviced office livingston

Future Plans

You should also consider your future as a company when deciding how much space you need. Are you planning on hiring more people? Downsizing? Upsizing? You need to be set on what your plans are so you can facilitate any changes that happen. Growing your business is an exciting process, choose the right environment!

serviced office livingston

Employee Needs

The base of your business is the people behind it. If you have too little or too much space for your employees, your business success could be affected! Prioritising your employees needs will be extremely beneficial in the long run. Different departments of your company need different things. Your accounts team might need a quieter, smaller space and your marketing department a more social, interactive space. Luckily, the best serviced office Livingston has to offer is a diverse space. With a classic office size, there are conference and meeting facilities. No matter if you are a smaller or bigger business, there is a great space up for offer! Check out our last post for tips on how to boost your employees satisfaction.

serviced office Livingston

If you would like more information about the best serviced office Livingston has to offer, contact us.

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